A common feature of all these facilities is a large concentration of people, which places additional demands on technical and organizational fire protection measures. CTP PROJECT provides complete solutions in terms of fire protection for these facilities that include all systems in the function of fire protection, as well as the development of evacuation scenarios.

  • Sports halls

  • Shopping malls

  • Hospitals

  • Other


  • All levels of design for ventilation, fire alarm, gas alarm, smoke extraction and other systems involved in fire protection, as well as associated technical systems in construction.

The emphasis in this service is on understanding the problem of fire protection in such complex buildings as a whole and accordingly optimizing the design solutions of all systems involved in fire protection, as well as optimal and coordinated interaction of these systems with other technical systems in construction.

  • Presentation of fire protection measures (fire protection elaborate) and risk zone studies

In the case of complex buildings, the fire protection elaborate is a key document that looks at the whole fire protection for the building and provides the necessary input data for all other projects that make up the project documentation. We have experience in the application of foreign regulations that the investor, with the consent of our institutions, may request as a basis for design. For buildings where due to the technological process an explosive atmosphere can occur, we prepare studies of danger zones endangered by explosive atmospheres.

  • Consulting and numerical analysis

We create specialized numerical simulations of fire development and smoke spread in the building using validated CFD software tools. Such calculations are used in situations where the direct application of prescriptive design rules cannot provide an answer to the questions of facility construction and evacuation of people related to the spread of fire. We make simulations of evacuation of passengers and staff from endangered buildings. In case of a fire incident, the results of the fire simulation are used as the input parameter for the evacuation simulation. We provide consulting services in the field of harmonization of project solutions for all technical systems in the field of fire protection.

  • Design and professional supervision

To monitor the construction process, we perform design and professional supervision.